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SPREAD MAG. is an artist-run, independent art magazine based in Rotterdam/Barcelona. 


Bringing together works of contemporary artists and writers, SPREAD MAG. is committed to showcasing undiscovered artistic projects and engaging readers with visual storytelling. Featuring emerging artists, SPREAD MAG. encourages creatives to respond to the open call by submitting new or already existing artistic work. Each issue addresses a specific theme and is a combination of carefully curated content and a selection of submitted artistic projects. 


SPREAD MAG. is a self-published, hand-made, meticulously crafted magazine that invites the reader to experience the possibilities and limits of print publication. The magazine is filled with fold-out spreads representing works of featured artists. Prints that are attached within the magazine can easily be separated from the stapled or glued pages and used as posters. Exploring the edges of the print, each issue contains inserts and pull-out pages assembled by hand, which make each edition a unique and delightfully tactile publication. The magazine reveals itself when being flipped, touched and rotated. 


Founded in 2019 by Janne Beldman and Bo Bannink, the collective currently consists of founding members, Katažyna Jankovska and Lara Bongard. In previous editions, the collective has been working together with Matthieu Reijnoudt, Charlotte Brand, and founding member Leroy Verbeet.


SPREAD MAG. strives for the development of new forms of knowledge and opens up a space for visual and contextual dialogue. Over the years, SPREAD MAG. has grown into a platform for supporting young artists and creatives, expanding their practice into organising local events and collaborating with practitioners across many disciplines.


For any questions or inquiries, please send an email to

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