SPREAD MAG. is a young editorial collective to which the curiosity for undiscovered talent is central. The collective is continuously on the lookout for creatives with the right amount of patience to secure their place in the industry. This curiosity manifests itself in a biannual magazine.

The ever altering subjects of the various magazines have been the shape defining element for every edition of SPREAD MAG.

This is one of the many structural elements that makes

SPREAD MAG. a unique addition to the current publishing landscape. The magazine consists of spreads, each containing a work by one of the contributing artists. Prints of contributed artworks, attached within the magazine, can easily be separated from the stapled or glued pages to be used as posters. This extra dimension of display introduces art prints to an audience which is not yet so familiar with collecting art. SPREAD MAG. encourages artists to realise new work as well as to submit existing work via a biannual open call.


The SPREAD MAG. collective currently consists of founding members; graphic designer Janne Beldman and photographer Bo Bannink. For recent editions of the magazine they have been working together with visual artists Matthieu Reijnoudt, Charlotte Brand and founding member and photographer Leroy Verbeet. With several years of experience in the art world, the collective started working together in 2019, with the ambition to create a platform for promising artists. SPREAD MAG. places great emphasis on selecting contemporary subjects and aesthetics that live among the younger generation of makers and thinkers.


SPREAD MAG. strives to make art more accessible for both the young art viewer and the young art buyer. From their own experiences, the collective noticed the art world is mainly related to the established order. This can make it difficult for young makers to show their work outside their own social bubble. Displaying a diversity of creative disciplines is of great importance to SPREAD MAG. Using this working method, SPREAD MAG. attracts an audience that is as diverse as its subjects, style and covered disciplines.

For any questions or inquiries, please send an email to info@spreadmag.nl

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