Issue #2 'DISGUISE'


Hello, can you see me? I'm covered in layers, concealed behind masks. I'm wearing censorship like a warm wintercoat. I am make-believe and illusion and yet so honest at the same time. I'm cloaked into beauty, hidden to be found. I know I'm a bit secret, but that's how you like me. I will tickle your curiosity, will you peek behind my veil?




Lara Bongard

Hanneke Klaver

Anton Albitsky

Nina Kersaan

Tharim Cornellise

Charlotte Brand

Matthieu Reijnoudt

Roxy van Bemmel

Katinka Zonneveld

Samuel de Chatunier

Jake Caleb

Sarah Klevan


Issue #1 'At the end of the light spectrum'


At the end of the light spectrum is where you'll find me. The lowest frequency a human eye can perceive. From love and seduction to danger and violence, I am versatile that way. I will stimulate energy, increase enthusiasm. No other colour will raise your blood pressure as much as I do. I’ll encourage you to take action and be confident doing it. I will scream for attention, can you frame me?





Sanne De Haan

Natalia Portnoy

Jaume Clotet

Clàudia Del Barrio

Pleun Gremmen

Imme Visser

Pablo Pulgar

Perrine Philomeen

Marc Elisabeth